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 Step By Step

We are excited to share that our clinical co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Dr Kathryn Boger, recently released her first children’s book, “Step by Step,” through the American Psychological Association’s Magination Press.  

Hear her read the book now. 

Meet The Author: Dr Kathryn Boger

Dr. Kathryn Boger, PhDDr. Kathryn (“Kat”) Boger is a board certified and Harvard-trained child and adolescent clinical psychologist who has devoted her career to helping children and teens with anxiety and OCD, as well as their families. She is passionate about improving care for youth and decreasing suffering through innovative, research-based treatment approaches. Dr. Boger co-founded the McLean Anxiety Mastery Program (MAMP), nationally recognized for providing empirically-supported, intensive anxiety and OCD treatment. 

While at MAMP, Dr. Boger served as program director with oversight over all levels of program development and refinement, and served as an assistant professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Boger has published a variety of peer-reviewed journal articles, delivered regional and national talks (including a TEDx,) and provided training to hospitals, schools, and the community. In 2021, Dr. Boger co-founded InStride Health with the mission of increasing access to insurance-backed, research-based care for children, adolescents, and young adults with anxiety and OCD. Her children’s book, Step by Step,  is about facing things that feel scary.

Step By Step Author Interview
Step by Step

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